Meet the maker

I always had a passion for creating jewelry, but most of my time for the past 12 years went into travelling. Mainly as part of my job as a Cruise Director and Tour Manager on land as well.
2020 has been a crazy year, as for most of us I believe. For the first time in years I was actually home for a longer period. And I had time for my jewelry making. That is when I decided to show others my passion and creations and opened up Mandula Bracelets.

I am from the Netherlands and I live here with my husband, my dog and cat. When I am not working on my jewelry I am helping around our Lavender farm and making cosmetic products and sell on the local market. You can also find me on the rivers a few times a year. While I adore jewelry making, I always love to get back on the water and cruise around Europe guiding lovely people.

Thank you if you for visiting my shop and supporting my dreams!
Stay happy & healthy! 💜 Jessie

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