Meet the maker

I always had a passion for creating jewelry, but most of my time for the past 10 years went into travelling. Mainly as part of my job as a Cruise Director and Tour Manager on land as well. But also made some cool backpacking trips in South America a few years ago.
I am from the Netherlands but 2 years ago I moved to Hungary! My handsome boyfriend is Hungarian and that's how i ended up here. We met while working on the rivers. He is a captain, i was the cruise director and that was that. I Love living here, still getting used to the language and customs. But it really is a beautiful country. And now we have a third member of the family: shooby the dog!
This year has been crazy, as for most of us I believe. For the first time in years I was actually home for a longer period. And I had time for my jewelry making. That is when I decided to show others my passion and creations and opened up Mandula Bracelets. In case you are wondering about the name: I live on the Mandula street, where all the designs are made. Most of the bracelets are in the Netherlands though, as I have a great business partner (aka my brother) who handles the shipping for me.
Thank you if you made it untill the end. Thank you for your continued support, likes, shares and comments which are really appreciated! Stay happy & healthy! 💜 Jessie

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